Methodology and Certification
Course Materials

The materials for all 5 modules are distributed during the Induction day.


Workshop preparation

  1. Workshops are set up at least 3 weeks apart to give delegates sufficient time to study the material for the next one.
  2. A case study is given to delegates one week prior to each workshop in order to put into practice the theoretical content of the course manual and to enable each delegate to evaluate his level of understanding of such theory.
Workshop procedures

  1. The first 2 hours of each workshop are spent on the case study to allow delegates to raise questions on any points not understood.
  2. Further 2-4 case studies are discussed in small groups.
  3. The workshop ends with a review of the main issues covered during the day.
Workshop style

The workshops are conducted in an interactive style in order to encourage dialogue between delegates and to facilitate a complete understanding of real-life scenarios.

Required Study Time

Each workshop lasts 7 hours. A further 4-6 hours of study each week is also required.

In addition to this, another 30 hours of study is necessary to revise the course material before the examination.

Overall, this programme will require approximately 150 to 180 hours of work.


  1. Knowledge gained during the programme is evaluated.
  2. The evaluation is a 3 hours open book examination.
  3. The examination will be set in English; answers can be written in English, French or German.
  4. Evaluation is on a scale from 1 to 6; a mark of 4 or more is sufficient to obtain the Certificate.
  5. In the event of a failure to obtain a mark of 4 or more delegates can register for the next session (usually 6 months later). In the event of a second failure delegates may no longer sit for the examination but will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  6. If delegates are unable to sit the examination on account of “force majeure”, they may take the examination at the next sitting.

On successful completion of the course and the examination each participant will be awarded the Swiss Advanced Certificate in Trust Management. The awarding body will be STEP and GFC.

STEP Membership

This course and qualification do not form part of the STEP Examination system leading to membership of STEP or the professional TEP designation. The programme is designed to complement the STEP Diploma and is ideal for existing TEPs.