Standard of the Course
The programme is designed for those who already possess significant background knowledge of the principles of trusts and trust management and it is intended to build on this knowledge by an in-depth analysis of trusts and related issues in the Swiss context.

The standard of the course is advanced in nature and assumes background knowledge of trust creation, management, accounts and taxation systems. The course and examination has been designed for degree/professional level students.

Entrance Requirements

The course is primarily aimed at students who will have successfully completed the STEP Foundation Certificates in International Trust Management and probably have completed or be near to completing the ensuing International Diploma.

For those who do not have the above qualification the course is open to those who can demonstrate several years' experience in the trust area. Applications will be put before the Scientific Committee who will make a decision based on prior qualifications and trust area experience.

The Scientific Committee is not obliged to justify its decision for those who are not accepted onto the programme.