General Information
Number of Delegates

In order to facilitate interaction and study in working groups, the number of delegates is limited to 25 per course.

The course organisers reserve the right to cancel a course where there are insufficient numbers of delegates.


The workshops are delivered in English but the delegates can speak in French or English.

The course materials are in English. Supplementary materials may be in English, German or French.

The examination questions are set in English. However the answers can be written in English, German or French.


The six month Advanced Certificate course and examination fee is CHF 5,800,-. A 10% discount is granted from the fees for the second or more attendees from the same institution. This covers all course documentation, face-to-face tuition, examination and lunch costs. Payment for the course must be made prior to commencement of studies.


The course closing date is November 15 (Spring session) of each year.

Following the decision of the Scientific Committee, confirmation of bookings is sent a month after the closing date.

Application forms or any information can be filled here.