"With the knowledge and skills acquired through the SACTM, any professional will be able to excel in the new and expanding market for trust administration in Switzerland."

Richard Pease, TEP, Former Chairman STEP Worldwide Council, Counsel Lenz & Staehelin, Geneva

"Switzerland offers a liberal and predictable environment for trustees. This certificate provides the tax and regulatory compass to make the best use of it."

Luc Thévenoz, Professor at the University of Geneva Faculty of Law

"The only training course providing trust professionals with the necessary Swiss grounding for their activities in Switzerland."

Stephanie Jarrett, TEP, Partner, Baker McKenzie, Geneva

"SACTM builds best practice that adds value to your firm."

Georges Rayroux, Lawyer, Member of General Management and Head Wealth Advisory of HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA, Geneva

"A must for legal services in banking and financial firms."

David W. Wilson, Partner at Schellenberg Witmer

"The best Swiss Training in the field of trusts."

Denis Pittet, Lawyer, Partner of the Holding of Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch

"SACTM is a major tool to master all aspects of trust practice, seen from both the Swiss and international perspective."

Steve Bernard, Director of Geneva Financial Centre


"With SACTM my practice as a Swiss attorney has been positively improved in widening my expertise in the area of trust. With this course, Swiss attorneys can acquire good knowledge to deal with legal issues affecting trusts in Switzerland as a result of the Ratification of the Hague Convention of Trusts."

Julien Dif, Chairman STEP Suisse Romande, Partner Bonnard Lawson

"The mandatory requirement for trust practitioners dealing with Swiss regulations"

Christophe Lechaud, Lawyer BNP Paribas

"Enhanced and very effective training, encompassing both theory and practice, and highly recommended for those in this industry".

Athans Calliafas, Director of Mayfair Trust Management, London

"All the notions stressed during the course have had a positive impact in my daily performance at the bank. This course is clearly an asset for those specialized in the area of trust working in a Swiss bank."

Matija Jankovic, Managing Director ING Fiduciary Services (Suisse) SA

"As a common law lawyer, I found the course extremely interesting and the materials presented especially useful in understanding the Swiss civil law environment relating to trusts."

Gary Bratcov, TEP, Senior Manager, RBS Coutts Trustees (Switzerland) Ltd

"Valuable experience shared by highly qualified professionals."

Thomas Narbel, Lawyer, TEP, Vice Director, KENDRIS Private Ltd., Lausanne, Switzerland

"SACTM should be mandatory for any trust practitioners who have operations which could be affected by the Swiss regulatory environment."

Marylin Scowden, Managing Partner, Scowden & Partners SA